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CM Wright Spotlight

Get To Know the AMAZING CM Wright!

Dying To Live (Zombie Overload Series)
**This book is free, but will hook you on the rest of the series!**

A Novelette (Short Story)

Admit it. You think about it, fantasize about it, live through it in your
head. But what would you do if zombies became a reality? If you actually
were to see the dead walk, attack and kill people you know - who then
rise right in front of your eyes? What would you do when the undead
don't follow the script you've played out - over and over - in your own

Find out what happens to a woman in central Illinois when her life is turned upside down. Zombies become real and so does the danger. Her family means the most to her, but can she keep them alive? Can she keep herself alive?

In this short story that begins the full-length series, you are a big part
of it. The main character "speaks" to you often and you're invited into
her thoughts - which can be quite humorous at times. She's not perfect
and she knows it.

She strong and she's a fighter...but she doesn't know it.

Wife and mother who lives outside Decatur, IL. She loves all things zombie and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead.
She likes to laugh and make others laugh, so she does her best to bring that to her readers...for the Zombie Overload series anyway.
Eventually, she is planning to write about other creatures that go bump in the night.
Note from Author:
Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and extra thanks if you have read, or plan to read, my book(s). Lastly, please leave a review for ALL books that you read. Reviews are important to continuing book series, and other work, from writers you love.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

All my life. Just never thought it would ever happen.

How long did it take you to write your book?

Dying To Live took less than a week, Fighting To Live took 2 weeks, Learning to Live took about 2 1/2 months, and Determined to Live took 3 months.

What was your work schedule like when you were writing?

I don’t work outside the home so I could write whenever I wanted. Mostly I would write at night when my husband and my two sons went to bed. Much quieter then. LOL!

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I always seem to get major ideas when I’m not near my laptop, so my fingers will start moving like I’m typing as the story is flooding my mind. I never notice it, but my hubby pointed it out a few days ago, and said I do it all the time.
As for my writing itself, I want humor - even in the horror genre - I want action, and I do not like wasting an entire chapter of rehashing the last book in the series or describing stuff that doesn’t even really matter to the book as a whole. Plus, I love leaving my readers hanging at the end of the books.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books? Where does one learn so much about zombies?

Most of my information is just what I’ve picked up by watching almost every zombie movie made.
I guess you could learn pretty much everything you want to know from the internet. Lord knows they have everything else. Also from movies, and of course, The Walking Dead.

What made you choose to write Zombie novels?

I am a zombie freak! I love any - and - everything about them! But what started me to write this series is because I was pissed off that The Walking Dead went on their 10 year season break. (Ok. Not that long, but it seems like it. Ask any fan of the show!)

Fave tv show or movie about Zombies?

The Walking Dead. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!) And for movies, Mr. Godfather of Zombies himself, George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead 1968 (Yes. The black and white version)

Are you Canada?

LOL In the first book, yes, Canada is all me. In the second, it’s mostly me and then the “real” Canada starts emerging. The third book is mostly her and a little me, but the fourth book is ALL Canada, but with a few of my experiences thrown in.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

The first is a novelette, but the other 3 are full-length, so 3 1/4?
I have to pick a favorite? Ugh! Probably book 3.

Are you currently working on another book? If so, is it part of a series or something different?

Yes, I am. I’m currently working on a vampire book for my hubby that I promised him. At this point, I don’t know about a series for it yet; I’ll see what the response is and go from there. I’m not the biggest vampire fan. Then I will be back with Canada. I also want to start a series with teens going through the Zombie Apocalypse.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Promoting my books. Being an Indie, you have to. Other than that, I like to do things with my family...IF I can get their lazy butts up to do anything.

What does your family think of your writing?

They love it and are very supportive. My hubby wants me to make enough money so he can be a kept man. LOL I don’t mind being his Sugar Momma. Our oldest son is my biggest critic. He’s not afraid to tell me when something sucks. And our youngest son already considers me famous and gives me advice like: I have to dress nice, fix my hair, and put makeup on when I leave the house, because you never know when the “pizzarazzi” will take your picture. (And yes, he said pizzarazzi just like I wrote it.) And one more thing he insists is that I need a limo and chauffeur.

I think we all need that in our life! Smart kid

What was one of the most surprising things you learned about yourself in creating your books?

That I wrote something people wanted to read, and really liked it. That shocked me. I also learned I have a pretty twisted mind. Oh, no wait, I already knew that.

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