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Author James Fuller Spotlight and Giveaway

In the Kingdom of Draco, Meath, an apprenticing wizard is cast into an epic journey of deceit, betrayal, magic and a treasonous love, with a group of unlikely companions in hopes of relaying the truth of the usurper that threatens a freshly united Kingdom.
Meath, a freshly trained soldier born with the Gift, has reached the age in which he can began to harness his powers. Meath has returned to begin his apprenticeship as a wizard under his adopted father and Master wizard of the Draco Castle, Ursa. Meath is prepared to fall into a routine of duties and training to become the castle’s next War Wizard after his father. But not long after his return, he learns his childhood friend and the Princess of Draco is to be wed to the Prince of Zandor in the neighbouring Kingdom in hopes of ending the incessant war between the two lands, and instead uniting so that they may concentrate their efforts to rid themselves of the barbarian hordes from the east that threaten both Kingdoms. Not long after the Zandorian Royals arrive, Princess Nicolette and Ursa overhear a plot to assassinate the King. Before any actions can be taken, the King is betrayed and murdered by Astaroth, an evil wizard who with the aid of an enchanted ring can alter his appearance into Berrit, the Prince of Zandor. Astaroth accuses Ursa of the king’s murder. With circumstances quickly mounting against them, Ursa flees the castle for Dragon’s Cove along with the kingdom’s only heir and his apprentice in hopes to keep them alive long enough for him to figure out how to expose the false prince.
Along the way to Dragon’s Cove, a city on the west coast, where Princess Nicolette’s Aunt and Uncle reside as Lord and Lady, along with Zehava a friend met along the way, Meath is captured by a Barbarian Shaman. The Shaman’s intent is to absorb Meath’s Gift into himself to make his own great powers even stronger with the service of a dark ritual. With the aid of a half-breed savage named Shania and the powers and quick thinking of Ursa, Meath and Zehava are rescued moments before it is too late. Finally, after avoiding barbarians, angry refugees and armed royal search parties, they reach Dragon’s Cove and tell Lady Jewel the truth of it all.
With quickly mounting concerns growing from the overabundance of barbarian activity and attacks, Ursa makes a perilous journey to visit Solmis, his old mentor, in hopes of using an enchanted relic that will counter the effects of the false prince’s shape-shifting ring. Once he reaches his destination Ursa learns of his mentor’s Earth-shattering vision and subsequent death from Talena, who was Solmis’ final apprentice, trained for the sole purpose of helping Ursa alter Solmis’ cataclysmic vision.
With their childhood love and forbidden desires ever-growing, Meath and Nicolette make the selfish choice to run away together, leaving family, friends, titles and responsibilities behind them as they strike forth to begin a new life. Little did they realize a strange duo, one a powerful wizard, the other a powerful druid, have important plans for Meath and know of his true heritage. With orders to bring Meath back at all costs, they are forced to abduct him and restrain him with an enchanted rope that obstructs his innate abilities.
Playing the part of Prince Berrit, Astaroth continues to twist the fate of Draco Kingdom to his own desires by upsetting yet another of its rulers. Along with supplying the Barbarian tribes with necessary information for them easily to wreak havoc upon the quickly faltering kingdom in hopes of fulfilling his part of the deal to them in return for an item he requires to secure his destiny. With suspicions rising against him, Astaroth befriends Keithen, Ursa’s secondary apprentice as a way to keep Astaroth informed of what is happening. When Keithen discovers Astaroth’s true nature, he throws himself at the mercy of the powerful wizard in hopes to become his apprentice.
Nicolette and a group of unlikely companions slip out of Dragon’s Cove in pursuit of Meath and his captors in hopes of rescuing him. Quickly, their journey is fraught with turmoil and hardship, as they become targets of a ruthless group of cutthroats who want their coin and soon their blood and flesh.
Returning to Dragon’s Cove with an army of Barbarians at their heels, Ursa quickly learns of Meath’s abduction and the Princess’ foolish venture to chase after him. Stuck in a siege, Ursa, Talena and the defenders of Dragon’s Cove are hard pressed even to stay alive.
Taking full advantage of a nearly fatal encounter with a tribe of barbarians who have with them their deadly Gifted Priestesses and Priests, Meath makes his escape from his captors. During the encounter, Meath is badly wounded, and quickly succumbs to his injuries. Kara, one of Meath’s captors and a highly skilled druid, is forced to leave behind her partner Daden who was also badly wounded, as she tracks Meath through the jungle in hopes of finding him before his lacerations kill him. Finding him unconscious and near death, she uses all of her skills and powers to save his life, only for Meath to turn on her as soon as he is able. Meath, now the captor, heads west toward home with his prisoner Kara in tow when they come across a skirmish in the heart of the jungle. Meath quickly realizes his love and his friends’ lives are in danger but before he can do anything to aid them, Daden, who has been following them waiting for the right moment to strike, takes his opportunity. Meath’s last sight before blackness overwhelms him is watching his friends besieged by deadly odds.

The sky was alight with dim, yet vividly vibrant scarlet and amber hues. The colors slowly darkened and changed tones the further the sun slipped behind the imposing mountains. Silently a petite, hooded figure glided through the dense overgrowth of jungle. She constantly looked over her shoulder expecting someone to be there - awaiting to be glimpsed before they struck. If she were caught in this act of bitter betrayal, her death would be instant - regardless of her stature.
A light breeze slithered carelessly through the many obstacles the jungle floor offered in idle resistance. A hint of smoke lingered within it, reassuring her that she was heading in the right direction, and was not far now from her target.
Moistened eyes glanced down at the cloth bundle she held firmly to her chest, yet more gently than anything she had ever held before. Milky white eyes peered back curiously at her. The white would only last a few days before their true color would take over. She knew they would be a vibrant green, much like her own.
The figure halted once the campfire was in view through the entanglement of vines and branches and the murmurs of men and women could be overheard. It was as she had prayed for - a small group of poor traveling merchants and entertainers. They would do perfectly - there were Wizards among them, and she could sense them. They would be able to help - they would do what was right…she hoped. Though her options at this point were limited, this was all she had and it outweighed the latter by worlds.
A tiny hand found its way out from beneath the folds of the soft material and gripped a smooth finger. Her heart halted for several moments from the unfathomed emotions that nearly overwhelmed her. Unspoken words fell from her tears, absorbing into the dark brown cloth.
"I love you my sweet child. I swear to you it is true." The figure whispered softly placing the bundle onto the ground. The child let out a small worried whine at leaving its mother's warm, loving arms. "It will be okay my darling, I promise." The figure cooed gently, placing a kiss on the infant's forehead. "May you one day forgive me my son." Slowly she melted away into the darkness, leaving the helpless bundle alone.
"We are making great time Master Ursa, thanks to you and your friend Master Samuel." The camp cook said, stirring the large pot of rabbit stew cooking over the campfire. "I must thank you again for coming with us - these woods are not safe at the best of times, with the savages, highwaymen, Shyroni and all."
The tall Wizard did not even seem to notice the man's words. Not out of disrespect, but because his attention was drawn elsewhere. Ursa's eyes gazed off into the thick entanglement of the jungle and his ears tingled as he focused them on something nearby.
"Master Ursa what is it?" Samuel asked, coming to stand beside him. "Is something wrong?" Master Samuel's hand instinctively reached for his short sword at his hip, through habit more than necessity since he had The Gift.
"Shhhhhh!" Ursa commanded, not even turning to look at his friend. "Do you hear that?" he whispered.
Samuel cupped his ears with his hands and listened. "What is that noise? It sounds almost like a baby crying. But that cannot be right - not out here at this late an hour."
Ursa nodded his agreement and started off into the thickness, towards the noise with haste. Several steps into the jungle and darkness sapped what luminosity the campfire and moon provided. Without thought, a small flame erupted from Ursa's palm, pushing back the gloom. With each step he took, the cries became louder and more frightened. Soon Ursa was staring down at the abandoned, white eyed, wailing bundle.
"What in the nine hells is a baby doing out here alone?"  The camp cook - who had followed Ursa - said dumbfounded.
Ursa leaned down and scooped up the Gifted child in his long arms - almost instantly the baby's cries calmed. Ursa stared hard into the baby's ashen eyes and the bond was almost immediate. "It was deserted here not too long ago, on purpose."
"But why would anyone do that?" The cook asked still confused searching the growth for any sign of movement.
"This child has The Gift - the parents must not have wanted the ridicule and harassment that follows when having a Gifted child." Ursa replied, checking the sex of the child.
"I cannot wait for a time, when The Gifted are treated with the respect they deserve as people like any others," the cook muttered back as he began leading the way back to their camp.
"So what are you going to do with the child?" Samuel asked, once they had returned to the camp.
Ursa placed the child down on the back of one of the wagons and everyone gathered around. He thought long and hard for several moments before answering. "I shall raise the child myself."
"Are you sure? There is an orphanage in the next town. His eyes will have gone normal by then - no one will ever know." Another of the men blurted out, more harshly than he meant too.
"He was abandoned once already by the ones who were meant to love him the most. I do not have the heart to do something as callous to him again. I will raise him as my own and when his Gift is ready I will train him in the ways of Wizardry," Ursa said, his heart already warmed to the child.
"What will you name him?" One of the women asked, coming over to ogle the baby.
"I have always liked the name Meath." Ursa replied back, a slight smile creasing his lips.
"Tis a strong name indeed Master Ursa." The woman cooed as she tickled the baby's feet. "I do not understand how anyone could desert their own blood like that, it is absolutely horrible."
Most of the group went back to what they had been doing before the commotion started. But Ursa stood there staring down at the baby boy with a smile. "I will not abandon you, for I too know the hurt of such an act."
"I knew you would do what was right, Wizard." The figure whispered to herself, from deep in the darkness of the woods. She told herself to keep going and not to look back, but when the cries of her child had ceased she had to make sure he was safe. She could just make out what everyone was saying - her heart warmed when she heard the Wizard was going to raise the child. She made sure she would remember his name forever - Ursa and the name her son had been given.

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Luxuria by James Fuller

A fable, dripping with gold and uttered from the lips of a dying man sets four friends off on the adventure of a lifetime. The last remnant of an age lost to myth calls from the very cusp of Hell as the dangers rise with the heat of the tropics and they are plunged into the unfathomable depths of the Amazon where they will struggle for survival in an ancient city born of blood, 
lust and betrayal.

With the whispers of a dead man echoing promises of power, wealth and desire, their path to paradise is laid out in the bones of those who learned too late what is waiting beyond the mist of time.

“Holy damn Jess, that hash is doing all sorts of weird shit to me. How about you?” Dustin closed the door to the large hotel room they were all sharing.
Jessica turned to face him, her eyes dancing with excitement. “It’s not the hash that’s doing it to you.” She bit down on her bottom lip.
“What are you talking about? What else would it be?”
“I slipped ecstasy in our shot glasses at the bar.”
Dustin’s eyes widened. “That explains a lot, but why would you do that? You know I am giving up the hard stuff. I need what’s left of my brain cells for college.”
Her grin was mischievous, “I know, but I wanted to make this a lot more exciting.” She pulled her yellow tank top over her head, exposing her perky, round tits.
“Holy sweet shit.” Dustin muttered, his eyes widening as he took in the stunning sight.
“Ya Dustin, I promise this is happening right now.” She stepped in and grabbed his shirt pulling him into a hard kiss, her tongue leading the lustful dance.
Her blood was pumping hungrily and she wasted no time sliding an impatient hand down his pants, gripping his smooth, large cock. She loved feeling the way a dick got hard in her hand - it was such a turn-on knowing she was the reason for it. “You’ve been holding out on me Dustin. Had I known you were hiding such a treasure...” she cooed.
He grinned sheepishly, “Jess, I have wanted this for so long,” he gasped as his pants slipped to the floor.
She smirked up at him as she tore open his shirt, spraying the ivory buttons all across the dingy room. “I know.” She pressed passionate kisses across his firm, hairy chest. The ecstasy in her system made the feeling of the soft hair on her lips even more exhilarating as she nipped at his skin.
She pushed him up against the wall, her eyes burning with shameless lust. Her hand stroked his cock in a gentle rhythm, making sure he was fully aroused. She stared into his eager green eyes. “Now that you finally have me, what do you want to do with me?” His breathing was deep and she almost feared he would need his inhaler.
“To taste you.” He swung her around and it was her turn to be pushed against the wall roughly. He ran his hand through her long blonde hair and pulled her in to a deep, rough kiss. His hand traced the small of her back, drawing her closer to him. He moved his lips down her neck, rousing gasps with each as he worked his way to her firm, perfect breasts. His tongue teased her as it ringed her soft pink nipples. Lightly, he nibbled and felt her nails press into his back.
“You fucking tease!” She moaned, her nails raking his muscular shoulders.
“You’ve been teasing me for years; it’s about time I get some revenge.” He replied, kneeling down. He pulled her black, thigh length skirt down and tore off her red lace panties, not caring about ruining them. He hooked his arms under her thighs and slid her up the wall, her legs straddled across his shoulders, her wet pussy smooth, bare and open to him.
His tongue plunged deep into her, tasting her moist sweetness with a greedy hunger. She cried out fervently, her hands now buried into his thick, curly blond hair as his tongue explored her, searching out all the sweet secrets it could find.
“I’m going to cum!” she panted, “I’m going to fucking cum!” Her hands reached up to the roof, franticly trying to find something she could grab a hold of in her wild state.
Dustin swirled his tongue inside her and he knew that was her tipping point. Her back arched and her thighs squeezed together against his head, as a piercing scream of rapture escaped her. But he didn’t slow his tongues and each time her squeeze became tighter around his head he knew she had orgasmed again. By the time he lowered her back to the floor, her hair was as feral as the starvation in her eyes.
She threw herself at Dustin as a fever of sexual desire overwhelmed her; they toppled to the dirty shag rug floor. “It’s my turn to make you cum.”
She pushed her hips back until she could feel the tip of his cock threatening to slip into her. Slowly, she worked the head with her dripping pussy lips, seeing in his eyes that was driving him crazy. “You want me?”
“So badly.” He groaned trying to lift his hips so he could enter her but she held him down firmly, denying him.
“How badly do you want me?” She slipped down, allowing the head of his cock to penetrate her but nothing more.
“More than anything else in the world Jess!” He gasped.
Finally she sunk down, letting the full length of his shaft fill her. She moaned with satisfaction, her hands squeezing her tits, heightening the sensation as she ground her hips atop him. “Then fuck me Dustin…like you mean it!”
He grabbed her hips and began to thrust, going deeper every time. His thrusts grew harder and faster every time she gasped or moaned. Her breasts bounced in mesmerizing unison each time he slammed into her, his own lustful desires amplified, knowing he was finally the one giving it to her.
“I’m going to cum again!” she cried out, “cum with me, damn it!”
The feeling of her pussy tightening around his cock as she came pushed him over the edge and he could hold off no longer.
Jessica collapsed on top of him trying to catch her breath. Their bodies glistened with sweat and shuddered lightly with pleasurable aftershocks.
“You are just full of surprises.” She whispered as she rolled off of him.
Dustin chuckled. “I was about to say the same thing about you.”
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Author Bio:
James Fuller has enjoyed the fine art of writing for many years now, he‘s 
been busy with many on the go book projects lately as he‘s extended his writing from fantasy fiction to also writing a short story anthology as well as an up and coming zombie apocalypse. His popularity has grown not only locally but online through Facebook where he runs his author’s page which is constantly growing as he hosts contests and give-aways daily.

James has an absolute passion for his characters and unique twisted plots with his detailed writing skills that really brings his books to life and makes his characters and their journeys so favourable. As an author he also goes above and beyond when it comes to writing battle scenes, the intricate design and explanations of fighting, not only in swordplay but also in tactics is one of James incredible expertise in which he delights in.

When James isn’t on his computer writing the third installment of the Fall Of A King series “The Bastard King: Birthright“, he enjoys recreational activities such a camping, fishing, hiking, and archery. Along with being an adventurous outdoors man James also spends many of his hours in a day as a devoted husband and father. 
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